Pawsome Pet Services
Pawsome Pet Services
5 Star Pet Care for Your 4 Legged Friends

Welcome to Pawsome Pet Services where we provide 5 star care for your 4 legged friends.


We are licensed, bonded and insured and we look forward to taking care or your pets! Serving Placerville, Pollock Pines and surrounding areas.


About Us

Stacey and Steven both grew up in the Bay Area and had a love of animals since they were kids. They moved to Placerville in 2017 and their chihuahua, Iggy, inspired them to start Pawsome Pet Services. Iggy was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in January 2018. He needed special heart medication and Stacey and Steven rearranged their work schedules to be home more so they could accommodate his needs. They didn't think they could trust anyone to give Iggy his medication, and if the doses were missed it could have easily caused adverse effects on his little heart. One afternoon they thought maybe this is a service they could provide, maybe they could be the ones you could rely on not just for this but for all pet care needs. Hence Pawsome Pet Services was born. Little Iggy lived 9 more wonderful months and PPS was founded on the day he passed. The care and love Stacey and Steven have for animals shines through in everything they do. They are huge advocates for rescue and have 2 rescue chihuahuas , Spike and MoJo, and a sweet senior chiweenie named Honey Boo. 


Our Services


Dog walking in or around your neighborhood

15 Minutes ( perfect for small dogs) $15

30 Minutes ( perfect for dog’s to get some fresh air and exercise) $20

40 Minutes ( perfect for dog’s that need to get their wiggles out) $25

30 minutes playtime in your home or yard $20

Additional Dogs $5

All walks and playtime include basic training (practice sit and stay, control pulling and jumping while on leash) and waste management


Pet Sitting

Each home visit includes playtime in your home or yard, feeding, fresh water, potty time waste management for up to 3 pets. We can also administer oral medication with your written permission (approx. 30 minute each visit)

1 visit per day $20

2 visits per day $35

3 visits per day $55

Additional pets $5

We can also bring in your mail, water your plants , turn on/off lights for $5 more per day



At this time we can only offer overnight care in your home on a limited basis.(hoping this will change in the future!) Please ask us about our availability and we will do our best to accommodate. We can also watch your dogs overnight in our home. We have a fenced in yard and will treat your dogs as we treat ours, like family!

$50 a day for one dog in our home Monday through Friday

$75 a day for 2 dogs Monday through Friday

$10 more per day for weekends and holidays. Must provide food, be up to date on vaccinations and be on a flea/tick preventative.

Overnight in your home (please check for availability) 12 hour shift $75

Additional Services

Pet Taxi

Do you need assistance getting your pet to a vet appointment or to the groomers? Let us help!

We will give you a rate based on how far away the appointment is and how much time is spent at each appointment. For vet and groomer appointments please have a credit card on file with them or we can take cash up front to give to vet/groomers and provide you with receipts and change when we return.

Waste Management

All of our walks and pet sitting options come with waste management which means we will clean up after your pets while they are in our care (poop scooping and litter box cleaning)

If you need additional waste management please ask!

10 minutes for $10

Other Pets

Do you have goats,chickens,rabbits,birds or other critters that need care please ask! We want to be the ones you rely on for all your pet care needs!


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